Ivan Mukhin (imn) wrote,
Ivan Mukhin

Кто-то писал мне, что, мол, откуда я знаю, может, околосмертные состояния широко изучаются. Но специалисты подтверждают, что ничего толком в этой области не сделано.

Unfortunately, one of the most disappointing aspects of near death experiences has been that, despite the great interest expressed by the public and the media in the last 25 years since they were first described, relatively very little scientific research has gone into this subject.

This lack of research probably reflects both the obvious difficulties encountered in objectively studying people’s experiences during the dying process and also to some extent an underlying prejudice within the scientific and medical communities regarding NDEs.

A consequence of this lack of research has been that the true significance of this phenomenon has not yet been fully elucidated. This has meant that the current views, which are often expressed as ‘expert’ opinions rather than being embedded in objective scientific fact usually mirror the underlying philosophical view held by the individual expressing them.

(Взято отсюда)

Нашел сообщения об околосмертном опыте слепых. Что это? Выдумки слепых истериков?
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