October 12th, 2005


Заголовок всерьез интригует

Где бы ознакомиться поподробнее с научным исследованием "Значение взрывающихся брюк мистера Ричарда Бакли"?


Спасибо shpriz, я нашел описание истории с мистером Ричардом Бакли:

"While Mr. Richard Buckley's trousers were drying before the fire recently, they exploded with a loud report.

"Although partially stunned by the force of the explosion, he had sufficient presence of mind to seize the garments and hurl them from the house, where they smouldered on the lawn with a series of minor detonations."

Mr Buckley was lucky he was not in his trousers when they blew up. Others were not so lucky, Dr Watson says, and some deaths occurred.

А труд Джеймса Ватсона, стало быть, посвящен значению этого эпизода