October 30th, 2009


Иностранная литература

Фантаст смеется на современной "серьезной" литературой и критиками (via avva):

...Literary sf and fantasy are not respected by mainstream critics or the mainstream professoriate. Neither needs mainstream approval, which would diminish (and perhaps destroy) both. Just look at what they DO respect. Look at what poetry was as late as the early 20th Century, and what it is now.

Now and then I'm asked at cons why I don't write fiction of the respected sort. You know, he is a professor and she is a professor and they are having adulterous affairs, and they are almost overcome with guilt and angst, and there is no God, and scientific progress doesn't enter into it, and just about everybody in the world is upper middle class.

Не знаю, что уважают критики, а читающие массы уважают всякую лажу, - мураками и кундер, и одиночество в сети, и нобелевских лауреатов, пишущих про негров или индийцев, и всяких фаулзов, и умберто эко, который почему-то считается лучше дэна брауна, хотя одно и то же, и.т.д.